It’s a Major Award!


Blog Pony, 2011, Fort Collins Senior CenterToday Tim and I went to the Fort Collins’ Senior Center dedication of the Blog Pony, an installation by local artist JJ Edwards.

There are a number of large art horses around the state which were created a few years ago by an assortment of local artists. One of these horses was donated to the Senior Center and JJ won the bid when the center was trying to decide how to best use the horse. Her proposal was to create a snapshot of Fort Collins by letting community members participate and her plan was to create a sort of patchwork quilt design representing the city.

The artists at my co-op, Poudre Studio Artists, were invited to participate a while back and four of us did — Kat Peters-Midland, Bernadette Youngquist, Carol Simmons and myself. We each created an 8″x8″ square that was to be printed and incorporated into the design of the horse. Our squares have a photo of us at work, along with a representation of our art. At the dedication this morning, Kat and I each received a certificate of participation as well as a marble paperweight thing with the pony on it — I thought that was a nice touch. It’s the first time I’ve been involved in one of the public art pieces around town and it makes me happy to have left my mark somewhere in this city that I love so much.