50% off in my artfire store: send me to a workshop this weekend!

Hello! How are you? I’m doing well. What’s going on with me? Well… Today is my 4th wedding anniversary. Tim is the kindest, most supportive and funniest man I’ve ever known. Whiskey dog continues to barf up her dinner randomly because she gets so excited. Dougie dog is currently wearing the cone of shame because he refuses to stop licking. Work is busy. Things are moving along at the arts center. I am making local friends. I’m getting involved in the community. Oh, and Jacqueline Sullivan comes to town to teach this weekend, but I don’t have any extra cash.

I’ve spent time this week wandering around my studio, trying to figure out how to swing just one eensy weensy workshop. I realized that I haven’t actually advertised all of the art and craft supplies I put up on Artfire last week. I thought that if there’s anything that could raise $125 quickly, it’s gotta be a sale offering 50% off on cool arty supplies.


Right now there are rubber stamps, jewelry making supplies and a LOT OF BEADS. 50% off makes them awfully tempting, So GO! SHOP! Get fun little things that delight you. I’ll keep adding items as quickly as I can. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “50% off in my artfire store: send me to a workshop this weekend!”

  1. I truly wish I could help you get to the workshop. The dentist has requestioned any and all of my money for the next 4 months. What a shock that was!
    Happy Anniversary and hope your poor pups are doing well.

    1. @Sally, Thanks so much for your sweet note! I never got to the workshop, but I just see that as an “it was meant to be” moment. I WILL however, be able to take a Leighanna Light workshop next month, so yay!

      I hear you on the dentist thing. Husband just got a crown, needs 2 more and a root canal. I need at least 1 crown that I know of. It ain’t pretty!

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