AEDM: Days 10 – 11 – 12 – 13 – 14

This week seems to be devoid of the kind of creativity I was hoping to achieve each day, but I did manage to get in a bit of art/creativity despite the busy work week.

Day 10 (Monday): Played the “what-bills-can-I-pay-on-time-with-the-money-I-have-while-the-deposit-I-just-made-is-clearing” game. That is super creative, believe you me!

Day 11 (Tuesday): Worked on a logo for my friend. I want to show it here, but I don’t know that she’s ready for that. I still need to do a couple of alternate designs. This kind of work is really fun for me. I also shot the photos of my work during the weekend at the Kelly Kilmer workshops.

Day 12 (Wednesday): I went to trivia with Tim and we came in 3rd! Trivia night always requires some creative thinking!

Day 13 (Thursday): Faced with a few challenges, I managed work around it to get everything done without completely freaking out, which was a huge growth experience for me.

Day 14 (Friday): Worked on clearing up the office a bit, and began my big ole reorganization plan. I sorted beads, rhinestones, brads, eyelets, charms and MORE! I also found a whole bunch of stuff I forgot about, which could is definitely going to enhance my creativity.

Hm…am I stretching it? I feel like I’m stretching it. That’s ok, because this weekend will be jam-packed with creativity, as I have a swap deadline looming and it has to mail out by Day 21.

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  1. I am a great believer that organization and sorting through art materials and making component parts is all very creative.


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