An Update, and a YouTube Channel

Hi world, how are you?

First of all, an update: I actually did do the 100 Day Project. I did! Did I post here? No. Did I do it every day? No. Did I post on my Instagram feed when I remembered to? Yes! So there’s some stuff there, if you’re interested.

Something else that might be fun for you to check out is my YouTube channel. It all started because I like recording my shopping hauls so that I can show my BFF, who doesn’t live near me and can’t see the hauls in person.

Then, folks wanted to see the junk journals I’ve been building. I’ve become obsessed with them, really. A lot of what I’m doing right now is using digitals and kits I find on Etsy, but I want to move into more detailed mixed media stuff with them. We’ll see what happens there. Here’s a taste.

They are all Terrible Videos, for the record.

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