art from this weekend.

I didn’t do as much stuff this weekend, art-wise, as I would have liked, but isn’t that the story of my life!

Saturday, I met up with the Mile High Book Arts people, and we all worked on our pages for a really cool book we’re doing called “Melange Book.” It’s based off a bunch of inspirations, including a class some of us took last year with Bev Brazelton. We are gutting an old Encyclopedia to use as a cover and we’re making crazy cool pages out of chipboard, fabric, copper mesh, whatever. I only got one page finished, but I painted a lot of pages. I decided to go with a blue theme, because my decision making skills have been lacking as of late. The book will eventually be a book of inspiration for myself…when I have those low points, the book will be there to remind me of how far I’ve come, rather than how far I still have to go.

Then yesterday, we had Art Party at Christine’s store and she showed us how to use Precious Metal Clay. PMC is a clay that’s made of fine silver, with binders that give it the clay form. You mold your charm, pendant, whatever, and then fire the clay. The binders burn off, leaving you with the silver. I made three tiny charms. I’m going to make a necklace with them.

I have a number of other projects rattling around in my brain: Body of Art Challenge for the Artists’ Nook, my trades for Art Unraveled, new work to place in the Artists’ Nook and at SunSpirit Studio in AZ. I think those are the biggies that I have to do before I head to Phoenix. It feels good to write them down. It makes me a little less anxious. I think tonight I’ll be doing some journaling. It may be all I have energy for!

2 thoughts on “art from this weekend.”

  1. I love the pmc charms and the blue book and I love the collage sheets you did in the previous post (I’m currently on the road and not real consistent about getting on line and reading postings or blogs). I like the work you do.

  2. Tracey, Just so you know I love the blue page for your book. I was lacking in art- ability could not come up with any thing to do for my book and I ran across your site and WOWZA I see your work and something happened and I see the world alittle differently now. Thanks for the insperations!!!!! LisaTM

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