Monday, July 25, 2005

– Worked for about two hours on AB article for October; completed two of four projects. Halfway done with one and haven’t finished the fourth. yikes.
– took photos for possible step-by-step instructions
– photographed, edited and submitted 2nd challenge for october.
– am dying to make art for ME.
– aching neck from standing over work table.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005 – much thinking!

yeah, no art today, but I went to the bead store and found some beads for these projects. learned how to do some bead stuff from the clerk in the store.

she was listening to missy elliot and/or ludicris or something that made me feel like my ears were going to bleed.

tomorrow, I must kick ass, as the stuff is due Friday. of course, fran is in chicago and won’t be back till monday, so I have a wee bit of leeway. I hate doing that. It’s not like I left things till the last minute!