Blogging Without Obligation

And once again, the lovely, talented and inspirational Tiffini Elektra X has eloquently verbalized exactly what I’ve been thinking for ages.

Click the logo to visit her site and read more. I would like to add to this thought, however:
As much as I love comments (and I DO read them ALL!), I simply cannot reply to them all. If I did, I’d never create art (which keeps me ticking) or build websites (which is my bread and butter) or, more importantly, read your blogs! Thank you for your support and understanding.

I have a number of new posts in progress, but none of them are ready to go now. They’ll get done when they get done. 🙂 *kisses*

2 thoughts on “Blogging Without Obligation”

  1. With no feeling of obligation, I tell you I enjoy checking up on your blog and seeing your art.


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