boxes! Oh, the boxes!

My excitement knows no bounds today. Christine at The Artists’ Nook just announced she’s taking preorders for two new products. The first one is the morpheus box that Michael deMeng has been teaching in his workshops recently. I wasn’t able to take that particular class, and I was so hoping that I’d be able to buy a “blank” morpheus box and wing it myself. And WOOHOO! Here it is!

In June, I was junking for a bit with Christine and Leighanna Light at one of the cooler stores in the “antique store row” of Fort Collins. I found a printers tray I really liked, but couldn’t afford and then I found a knockoff which I could afford and I was delighted. Christine had told me she was thinking of having some made and lo and behold, here it is. I am so giddy, I can barely contain myself.

If you click on these images, you will be taken to the shop at The Artists’ Nook, where you can preorder these items. I knew all of my arty friends would be into these cool finds! I’m thinking of getting a couple of the printers trays…one for my most used wood mounted stamps and one for some sort of special soul-searching project. For the morpheus box, I’m thinking something like “the many faces of tracey” is a good starting point.

What will YOU do with these cool treasures?

4 thoughts on “boxes! Oh, the boxes!”

  1. Tracey, you’ll have to invite me over to see how these come out. I’m afraid my non-artsy brain isn’t getting how the morpheus box would look when completed… but my head is full of good Matrix jokes just now, for what it’s worth!

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