I may or may not have purchased some washi tape

First of all…where have I been? Well, I’ve been over at alwaysbcreating.com, working A LOT on our Art Play Dates and workshops that I’m bringing to the Northern Colorado area. If you’re in the vicinity, you should check it out. I’ve got 7 cool artist instructors teaching in Fort Collins this year and you may really enjoy their offerings.

Ok, so yesterday I was supposed to get my temporary crown removed and replaced with the permanent crown. I’ve been dealing with all kinds of pain issues since they put on the temp, and when the dentist took a look, he decided to send me to the endodontist for an exam to see if I need a root canal. Joy. That news, coupled with the recent “Happy Birthday, now go get a colonoscopy” greeting my doctor gave me, well, I was just dejected. As a bonus, it was raining and cold and gray out. So what do you do when the perfect storm emerges? Go to the craft store!

First I hit Hobby Lobby, just to check out the clearance section. I got out of there fairly easily, with two rolls of deco tape and a bin of little plastic gems that were half off. Then I went across the street to Michaels (I was on a roll!) specifically to purchase another storage unit for my tapes.

[It’s funny, when I typed “tapes,” it reminded me of my massive cassette tape collection from college and thereafter. I guess I’ve traded in an obsession for one kind of tape, just to have another kind 30 years later!]

I walked all over that damn store to find the storage unit I wanted. Luckily they still had something similar to the one I purchased a while back. The drawers slide out and then angle down so you can see everything in the drawer. So cool. Problem was, on my walk around the store, I found way too many other things I needed. Jane Davenport has a collection of stuff now, which I didn’t know about, and it was all displayed so nicely on an endcap that I had to stop and look. I ended up with her version of washi tape, a face cling stamp and the Inkredible Pen, which I now love.

On another end cap, I found a set of washi tape, something like 40 rolls, for 10 bucks. You can see all of them on the pages of my planner here.

And now, we finally come to the point of my post. My planner. In coming months, I’m going to talk a whole lot about planners. For now, I wanted to share one of the things I do with my planner. Whenever I go shopping and find neat little things like I did yesterday, I like to try them all out in my planner. Very randomly, I went through every roll of tape and stuck a piece in there. I love the way it looks!

It also gave me another idea: If your planner pages are thin and you want to do wet or heavy stuff on a page, back that page with tape! ta da!

Catch you later, taters…

Journal Pages: Alien, This is Playtime

The night before last, my pal Andie and I spent over four hours in my studio, drinking wine, trying out myriad art supplies, and generally having a good time. We had no plans, we just mucked about. I pulled out some random stamps, stencil-type things, chalk inks, Caran D’Ache crayons, glitter pens, gel watercolor crayons, sharpie poster paint pens, a couple of paper punches, a glue pen and foil. I had started the alien figure last week and have been randomly adding to it/her/him and decided that the pages around it/her/him needed some action. Here’s the result:


Creating My Heart’s Desire – week 1

I joined a local group, led by two art therapists, called “Creating Your Heart’s Desire”, based on the book “Your Heart’s Desire: Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want” by Sonia Choquette. This is the first week’s project, where we focused on the “stuff” we have that makes us who we are, which we can use in our journey towards our heart’s desires.

The premise of the book, from what I can tell, is that if you focus on what it is you need, you cannot help but get it. It’s similar to the premise of a favorite book of mine, “Write it Down, Make it Happen,” by Henriette Anne Klauser. This isn’t a “Gee, I really want a millions dollars” and then sitting back and waiting for it to happen to you. It’s about focusing and bringing it to yourself.

I have a set of intentions for myself in the next few years. I’ve started working on them and although they seem impossible, I know they aren’t. In thinking back on my life, I’ve always been a do-er…a person who makes things happen. Life has dealt some really sucky blows that have stalled me now and then, but I have bounced back from every one of them. I am hanging this scroll in my studio as a reminder of the gifts and strengths I possess which will get me through the stuff I’m facing.

And if you’re interested in either of these books, check them out: