Jingle Journal Pages (Batch 1)

I had intended to make something or work on my journal during this unseemly hour of the morning, but instead, I am sharing some work I’ve been doing for the past week or two. Dawn Sokol runs a class each holiday season that focuses on journaling to help process the holiday season and winter. It’s a great class that I’ve taken a couple of times in the past. Here is some of my work, along with some works in progress, that I have so far.

It’s a homemade book, set up in the style of a travelers notebook, using elastic bands to keep in each signature. The pages are made of old cereal boxes, magazine pages, old Christmas cards, cardstock, regular ole white heavyweight paper, and more. Some of these pages are still works in progress, mostly needing some doodling and journaling. #JingleJournal2021

New mixed media background papers

My friend Karen has a great art group and every other week we meet on Zoom and do a project or a technique. SO many great things are coming out of this for me. I am finally making things again, which is huge, and I’m learning so much. Yesterday, we made background papers in anticipation of next week’s session, when we will make tiny books. These sheets will be cut down to make the book pages. Ta da!

Scrapbook paper, book pages, Tim Holtz tissue, paper napkins, rubber stamps from Paper Bag Designs, hand-carved stamp, gesso, matte medium, glue stick, Gold High-Flow paint in Sepia, Golden Glazing medium (gloss)

weeping tree

I took a class online last fall called “For the Love of a Tree” with Diane Culhane and it was fantastic. It really made me happy because there are few things I love more than staring at trees. We have some good ones in our neighborhood here, but my mom’s yard in NJ is lousy with amazing trees. I remember looking out the kitchen window on a very gray and rainy day in the autumn and being struck by the contrast between the dark, wet bark on the trees and the golds, reds and yellows of the leaves. I still have to catch my breath when I think of it.

Here’s Weeping Tree. 5″x5″ acrylics on cradle board.

tracey kazimir-cree. weeping tree. 5"x5" acrylic on cradle board.
weeping tree. 5″x5″ acrylic on cradle board.

my little primitive family

I bought a Mindy Lacefield lesson online last week and this Tuesday, I thought I was simply starting the painting, but by the time I went to bed, I realized it was finished. I have rarely ever finished a project like this in one day, except maybe in some in-person classes. I’m really happy with the results, though I continue to be tempted by the character on the left…I want to straighten her out a little. But I won’t. I’m going to stencil some letters above their heads to complete the painting and then that sucker is going up on the wall!

Cree primitive family portrait

Eh, I know that they are silly little drawings and they’re quite stylized, but that’s only because I rarely practice drawing/painting. I definitely need to keep practicing.

The thing is that I haven’t really made time for making things in so long…since before my surgery mid-August. I keep trying to work in my journal, but I haven’t been inspired. Luckily, tonight I came across some large sheets of decorative paper I got forever ago in San Francisco when we went to Flax Art. Still in the damn mailer I used to ship it home to myself. I know I used some of it because there are pieces cut out of some of the sheets. ANYWAY, I’m getting inspired by these papers for use in my journal and I’m pretty excited. Stay tuned!