prayer flags

After working in the office for a few hours this morning, I stepped outside onto the patio to warm up. Standing there in the sunshine, I was so grateful for so many things, including —

  • Our adorable foster son who raked the whole yard and swept the patio so I could stand out there an enjoy the weather, rather than think about all of the work we needed to do.
  • The sun and how warm and wonderful it felt on my face, while thinking about my family and friends back east who are about to be pummeled by a nor’easter, after being pummeled by a hurricane just a week ago.

I watched my prayer flags flap in the breeze and realized that I never posted a photo of them here! Imagine my surprise when I came to my blog and realized how long it’s been since I posted. I don’t understand how the days can pass so quickly without my even noticing. ANYWAY, here are the flags I made. This photo is not from today, but from this summer, when I actually finished them and put them up.

prayer flags

Praying for rain and reopening the studio!

Tim’s first pea

I have had a nice little “sabbatical” these past few months. Granted, it’s been spent working (the building websites part of my business) and cleaning up my home studio…and moving in all of the STUFF from my old public studio. Turns out I’m pretty happy to be home! Some days I don’t even leave the house if I don’t want to and the dogs are so happy to have me home, giving them treats.

What have I been doing? Working on SO many things! Tim and I are working towards certification to be foster parents in Larimer County,┬áso that’s been a lot of homework and paperwork. I have been revamping this website and my website design business site, as well as redoing my business plan. When I’m not working, I’m journaling, reading, puttering …and hanging out with my little family, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes, because that is my new TV obsession.

Since Tim has been so busy growing vegetables in our yard, it’s the least I can do to make the yard pretty in my own way. There are two projects I’m doing.

First, I started by gluing those flat-backed glass marbles to some old sinks we have been holding onto specifically for this purpose. I’ve been planning to do them for years but that FEAR THING kept holding me back. One day, I just dove in, armed with clear caulk and my collection of little glass pieces.

Attempt #1

Here are two finished sinks. I still have two more sinks and an old tub to do — all will become planters in an area of our yard that I’m turning into a pretty and peaceful (hopefully!) meditation garden. I’m not working on them actively right now — there is a lot of smoke in the area from the High Park Fire and it isn’t good to breathe, so I’m staying inside until our awesome firefighters can get that thing put out.

Attempt #2

The second project is making prayer flags to hang off the pergola on our patio.┬áRecently, Cloth Paper Scissors had some info about making them and I thought I’d give it a try. I’ll never learn how to sew well if I don’t practice! There are a few more in progress on my work table, but here are the first two I put outside!

my first attempt at prayer flags

That’s all for today — later this week, I’ll have some good news to share!