A little bit of fun.

My pal Karen saw that I was in need of a little art pick-me-up, so she found this project online and brought it to my attention. We lugged our mixed media stuff to the most recent Always Be Creating Art Play Date and gave our paper scraps the Finnabair treatment! Here are my finished pieces. The tag went onto a page in my sketchbook for the 2018 Sketchbook Project. The other 3 pieces are waiting for their forever homes. Or I might do something more with them before sending them out into the world. Who knows? 😀

WIP: Journal page 7/25/15

I think I started this in the wee hours of 7/25 in one of the journals I made in last weekend’s Kelly Kilmer workshops. This book is huge, with the pages measuring about 9.5″x13.5″. We worked with large images in our collage exercise in class, but I felt like painting the other night and grabbed this book. I was having fun twisting the delicate papers to enhance what I painted. I think this spread is awaiting a special focal image still.

(acrylic paint, oil pastels, watercolor crayon, pen, marker and collage)


WIP: Twenty minutes to make art

Today I had 20 minutes to make art.

My baby girl and I have both been sick for about two weeks now and I wasn’t able to take her to day care because of her lingering cough/runny nose + my own inability to wake up in a timely manner because I still don’t feel well. So we had Mommy/Baby Day, during which I counted the minutes till nap time so that I could lie down. (No, I do NOT feel guilty about that.)

And lie down I did, but only for 30 minutes, because I seem to feel worse when I haven’t made anything for days and days on end and I set my alarm for only 30 minutes so that I could make something, anything, today.

So, I napped until I could get up and then ran downstairs to do as much I could in the few remaining minutes until my blessed angel awoke from her nap.

I’m not saying it was good. I’m just saying that I did it.

I took two halves of a scrapbook paper that I had painted on forever ago and collaged over the paint with scraps of paper that I had sorted out last night from my collage boxes. The next step will be to gesso over these scraps and map out a drawing of some sort.



WIP: Superpowers ACTIVATE!

I have a few coach-type folks that I follow. One is strictly for my web dev business, eeep! productions. One is for my creative processes in general. And one is Fabeku. Fabeku calls himself a suck exorcist and his podcasts are invaluable to me in my business. He cuts through the crap and, as Andie says, is “made of magic.”

Recently, I’ve been purchasing and listening to Fabeku’s “teletastics,” which are basically these calls where he knocks me on my ass and makes me rethink how I’m doing everything. Which is good. We like that. While I listened to two of them, “The Un-Secret Superhero Clinic” and “Unfuck Your Money Mojo,” I painted. I took random papers, some of which already had marks on them, and did the intuitive painting/markmaking thing. It was glorious. Below are photos of the dried pages, back and front (click to enlarge). I’m turning the pages into journal books and will post those photos when they are ready.

superpower pages - back
superpower pages – back
superpower pages - front
superpower pages – front

sparkle hug

Bought this kit at Hobby Lobby for 70 cents and plan to make some more of these little guys because they amuse me. How cute is he? Pretty Darn!

I remember when I was a kid…maybe right before high school (so, late 70s), we used to make little pom poms out of yarn and give them googley eyes. My friend Wendy and I also made families of octopi with googley eyes. So making this little kit had me feeling all throwback! I ran around hobby lobby looking for bags of eyes and glittery pom poms. I also got a pile of stickers, rubons and some cheapie decorative tapes for making valentines. I’m so excited!