what’s in the cards for 2008?

Here are my project plans for this year.

Project 1: Finish all of my unfinished projects.

Project 2: Andrea and I are going to do a super special secret one-on-one journaling project in the new year. So that’s a big one.

Project 3: I want to make more books. I have been experimenting with using junk mail envelopes to make little books. I have one almost done and then I’m going to make more. I think that they’d make great birthday cards for special folks.

Project 4: I remember seeing a book project where the artist used a styrofoam pear for the covers. I still have the pears and I want to try that.

Project 5: I’m considering buying a sewing machine and a bind-it-all thingie with my Christmas money. I’ll have to learn to use them. That’s a project.

There are more, of course. Some of them rely on my unjamming my coil binder and/or buying a Bind-It-All. Some of them rely on my re-learning to crochet when mom sends me my grandmother’s crochet hooks. Some of them rely on the weather getting warmer so I can do things in the garage and outside. All of them require getting over my fear of failure. Wish me luck!

Today I’m working in my new journal for this year, as well as in Karen’s calendar journal for our round robin.

I was there in spirit!

Yesterday was the grand opening of my friend Andrea’s shop, SunSpirit Studio, in Bisbee, Arizona. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be there for her big day, so I stayed here, but made art, drank wine and ate cheese and crackers so I could pretend I was with my friends.

junk mail envelope book pagesI worked on these junk mail envelope book pages. I plan to embellish them and then stitch them into a wee book, using a running stitch.

I will post the results when….uh, when I finish. I still have a number of unfinished projects (my shrine from Kathy Cano Murillo’s class at AU, my melange book and tag books started at MHBA, not to mention assorted canvases and random shrines that are only at the gesso or basecoat stage).

Oh, and back to Andrea…She’s also got an online store, if you’re interested in checking her out, but can’t get to Bisbee.