This changes everything

your-art-mattersTwo weeks ago, Fabeku Fantumise and Jeanne Bessette hosted a call for artists regarding changing the archetypes around artists so that we think like THRIVING ARTISTS instead of starving artists. This call was huge and profound and has got me all fired up about a big project I want to take on. I had been talking just the day before with Kat Peters-Midland about this project idea and I was so into it, but left her house feeling more wistful than anything. I didn’t think it was possible on Thursday, even though the idea is a good one and I was excited about it. But while I listened to Fabeku speak, I became more and more confident to


I want you to go there, too. This recording is free. But you do have to promise to share it with as many folks as you can think of. Help start a revolution! (FYI, the call is not work safe.)

Download the recording here: Artists Transmission

After you listen, comment here and let me know your thoughts. Let’s talk about how we can spread the word.

minty fresh springtime thoughts

rainy day photo  by dieraecherin; courtesy of morguefile
photo by dieraecherin, courtesty of (click to see more)

Today is Day 2 of ongoing rain/hail/snow precipitation in Colorado. I love it. Don’t get me wrong — I do love the 300+ sunny days we get here, but when we have a full day of cool, gray, wet weather, I get super happy. I love the gray light. I love being cozy and comfy in the house, or in my studio. I feel creative and a little less stressed. Today I played hooky from the studio and came home to do some work and I realized that I feel a bit optimistic, even, which is unusual for me. 😉 I think I may have spring fever.

This is something I don’t normally experience, but I’m kinda likin’ it! The world is my oyster, there is all kinds of potential ahead of me, etc. I am making some serious changes in my life that will allow me to actually pursue the stuff I love and take care of my family and myself at the same time. We’ll see how it goes and when I have something to report, I will share here.

Oh! I guess I should share some of those minty fresh springtime thoughts, huh?

  • I am not a gardener, but I really want to plant some stuff in our backyard to sort of block out the neighbors and add some whimsy. Trees, flowering shrubs, painting the fence and creating some found-object sculptures are all on the horizon!
    part of the city of fort collins xeriscape demonstration garden in front of city hall. sculpture by Don Mitchell.
    The inspiration for my yard beautification project is this section of the city of fort collins xeriscape demonstration garden in front of city hall. Sculpture by Don Mitchell.
  • Spring cleaning! Not so much the housecleaning part, but the straightening, purging, reorganizing parts.
  • Potentially, some of the rooms in the house will get a fresh coat of paint. At least on one wall in the big rooms. 😉
  • I will be moving studios at the arts center soon and I have a little bit of a mural I’d like to attempt on one of the walls — some of my sketchy flowers, lifesize, with a touch of glitter. Hopefully they will banish any leftover wacky mojo and make the room brighter and truly mine. Super excited about that!

In the meantime, I wanted to show some detail on my piece “The Wall I Must Scale” since the little picture in my last post didn’t show much. Here’s the bottom part of the wall hanging. I never thought white on white would be so challenging! It’s hard to get a good shot of the whole piece and, it appears to go a bit unnoticed in our gallery, hanging along with all of the colorful works in this year’s Artists in Dreamland. But the more I look at it, the more I like it and I’m glad I tried something new.


The Wall I Must Scale - Detail
"The Wall I Must Scale" by Tracey Kazimir-Cree; acrylic on canvas; 12" x 48"; $500

creativity comes in many forms

This week and last week, I have been extremely creative with my time, with making meals for Tim and myself, with pretty much everything that’s important to me. I have tucked journaling time into the evenings while we watch tv. I carry around Wreck This Journal constantly, on the off chance that I will have a moment to destroy something. I print PDFs and carry them around with me in case I have a moment to read them. And today is the day before I leave on a trip, which means I have left a thousand details until the last minute, whether on purpose or accidentally, and I am a crazy woman. I know there are things that will go unfinished. And I know there are work things that I’ll just have to bring with me and do in the evenings. But I don’t care! You know why? Because…

Tomorrow I leave for a week in Phoenix for Art Unraveled!!

I am very excited for a week of creativity and friendship. I’ll try to check in here when I can. In the meantime I want to leave you with this utterly creative video that will make you smile. Have a great week!

Harlan Ellison speaks the truth

Today my mother called me when I was slammed with work. She does that a lot. It’s ok, because she’s mom and I love her. Usually I rush her off the phone with a promise to call later (which I always do), but today I listened. She was excitedly talking about Harlan Ellison and some interview she saw on The Sundance Channel. She was really excited about it, which surprised me because mom doesn’t go in for foul or crude language or free-spirited thinkers (unless they are saints). Mom, I know you know I’m teasing you, but this is true – admit it!!

In the interview, Ellison discusses this phenomenon where writers are asked to write for free. He is appalled by this practice; insulted, even. And he’s right. Creativity is work, just like doing dishes, paving roads or being the governor. And when you work at something, it’s only right you get paid for it. (I’m still working on a solution for the stay-at-hom moms out there, but I’m puzzled on how to approach that one.)

I build websites and consult on internet stuff for a living. I can’t even count how many people have asked me to do it for less money or for free. In the beginning of my business, I did it a lot. I am not doing it any more. It’s hard, because you want that business, but by doing things for cheap or for free, you are cheapening your work and the work of your contemporaries. This is the same for all of you artists who are patiently and quietly working on softies or paintings or collages or altered art and so on. Your inspiration is of great value to the world. Think about it.

And for those who are wondering, the smudge of lime green pastel is still on the sleeve of my hoodie. Which is good, because it helps me still believe I’m an artist, because there hasn’t been much proof of that lately. Also, I can’t find my camera. 😉

art glass kissing fish — straight from the New Mexico desert!

kissingfish1.jpgThe week before last, I was in Albuquerque on business. I used that opportunity to visit my friends Karen and Dana Robbins of Robbins Ranch Art Glass out at their studio.

Karen and I were officemates many moons ago and when we worked together, she and her husband were working on their dream of being self-sustaining, working artists and running their own business selling art glass. I’m so happy that they are finally realizing their dream.

I wish I had had my camera to take pictures of their cute little adobe house and ranch out in the wilds of New Mexico. They have done a great job over the years of really making this place their own, right down to the glass doorknobs all over the place.

kissingfish2.jpgI also got to watch Dana at work, with Karen as his able assistant. During that time, they made this kissing fish, which I knew I just had to have. I was mesmerized by the whole process, not to mention freaked out by the high temps! Karen and Dana are a great team and I loved watching their rhythm and concentration.

They make an assortment of glass items, including their very popular hot air balloons, and they sell their items at shows all over the place. Check out their website for more info and for their show schedule. They’ll also take custom orders!