My first article in a print art publication is about to hit the newsstands! I have a short article/project on page 8-9 of Somerset Home, Vol. 3, which should be out August 1.

I used a collage I had done last year as a “We’ve Moved!” mailing when Tim and I bought our house. I submitted the collage for the “Home” issue of Somerset Studio and also sent along the postcard so they could see what I had done. They emailed and wanted an article! That was pretty neat and I’m very excited. Here’s a link if you want to buy it online. Enjoy!

altered frames and organizing the studio

I’ve sort of messed up this year on my goal of doing more self promotion, and writing more about my creative processes and projects. I don’t thing moving to a new house has helped much!

So, in the spirit of “it’s better than nothing,” I’m going to post two links here.

My April Magazine article on altering a frame.

My entry on the SunSpirit Studio blog about organizing my studio.