experiments in watercolor

experiment 1For the past week, all I’ve been dying to do is put some gesso on something and make some layers. Have I done it? No. With my new responsibilities at the Poudre River Arts Center, I seem to be forgetting the main reason I got involved in the first place: To take care of ME! I am heading over there shortly and intend to do at least 30 minutes of something creative.

Last night, I unwrapped a Moleskine watercolor book I bought a year ago. I struggled with the Importance of a Moleskine and what on earth would I draw that would be worthy of those luscious pages? It took a while, but I just did it. Not gorgeous, and clearly, I need practice, but here are the first two experiments. I used my neocolor IIs and my Stampin’ Up watercolor crayon palette, as well as a Sharpie Pen and a water soluble black pencil.

This is going to take some time. 😉

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