finding the tracey flowers

It’s been a week since I’ve been in my studio and boy, am I surprised at how much I missed it! So, despite all of the other artists having to listen to me cough, I’m very happy I dragged my post-sickness fanny over here. As I sit here in the upstairs hallway, I can see and hear a bunch of activity: Laurie moving her studio across the hall, Steve going outside to photograph the train every time it comes by, Yann listening to the radio, Carrie feverishly drawing on a humongous canvas. I love it here.

This morning I penciled in a painting I’m going to do on my studio wall. Yes, ON my studio wall. They are Tracey Flowers. This photo is a quick cell phone camera shot of the image I was projecting so I could trace over it (thanks Yann, for letting me borrow your projector!). I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. And there will be glitter.

Now I’m off to our board meeting (yawn, but necessary!)

When you get a moment, though, please go read my post over at the eeep! productions blog. There’s a short post about the great speaker/authorĀ  Todd Henry and I think you may develop a crush on him, too.

2 thoughts on “finding the tracey flowers”

    1. Thanks Joanne! It’s getting to a place where I really enjoy going there! I wish you could see it in person!

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