put some nonstop hilarity on your chest!

nonstop hilarity t-shirt shirt
nonstop hilarity t-shirt by traypup

It’s First Friday again, kids! As I was rushing around the house, getting ready to leave so I could open the gallery on time, I was struggling with making order forms for tonight. I was so aggravated and SO behind schedule that I vowed I am never leaving my own stuff till last minute ever again.


And I mean it this time!

So here’s some news:

Every month, when Fort Collins First Friday Gallery Walk visitors come into my studio, my painting “Nonstop Hilarity” is the one that makes people smile the most. At the urging of my husband, I printed it on a t-shirt and it looks awesome! It’s available now on my Zazzle shop if you’re interested. The image is also available on blank cards.

Tonight, during Gallery Walk, I’ll be taking orders for t-shirts, modeled by yours truly.  😎  If UPS comes in time, I’ll also have cards on hand to sell. I’m really excited about this, so stop by if you’re in Fort Collins. If you’re not in the area, you can pop over to the Zazzle shop and order your very own Nonstop Hilarity t-shirt!

I have other news and musings, about things like fracturing and/or spraining my ankle and watching a documentary about Henry Darger and the state of network tv and how intensely I feel what little humidity we get in Colorado now and then. But it will all have to wait for another day. I’m off to get the studio ready for guests tonight! If you’re in town, drop by!

2 thoughts on “put some nonstop hilarity on your chest!”

    1. @joanne, Thanks! The shirts were a hit — everybody liked them. Took 5 orders, which I thought was good for me. I’m not really a sales person. As I earn some more capital, I’ll stock them in my studio.

      Remember I’m from NJ, so I know humidity. 56% humidity is nothing, compared to 100% where I grew up and even if you showered, you felt disgusting all. the. time. But living here, I’ve really started to adapt to and enjoy the dryer climate, so when we are humid for a month or so, I want to cry. And the cottonwood trees are seeding the area now, too, so there are fluffy little cotton seeds all over the yard, making my allergies go nuts. (or could it be my dusty house? ha!)

      I hear you and fran are going on an adventure in August! I wish I was going with you!

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