Hostage Teeth


Hostage Teeth
Hostage Teeth

The Dream: Hostage Teeth

The economy really messed us up and we’re behind in some of our bills, most notably to our dentist, which causes me extreme anxiety. In the dream I was talking and my teeth started falling out of my mouth. I don’t remember it hurting, but it was very upsetting. I went to the dentist and he looked at my mouth and said he wouldn’t fix my teeth until he knew that he was going to get paid. So I’m sitting there, missing teeth and completely baffled as to how this was going to work. Suddenly there were many people in the waiting room and in came a terrorist with a syringe and the focus was off my teeth and how I was going to save all of the people in the dentist’s office.

(mixed media shrine using cigar box, wood pieces, Mardi Gras beads, acrylics, teeth mold rescued from the dentist)

2 thoughts on “Hostage Teeth”

    1. Thanks Joanne — I think Kat said it had something to do with lack of control in my life. As for the terrorists…I think I watch too much TV!

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