I <3 Joanne

joanne-vday-2015My friend Joanne┬áis such a delightful woman. She is also uber creative, supportive and so talented. For years, she has graced my mailbox with little surprises that always make me smile, even when all others have forsaken me because I rarely send a RAK anymore. I am so grateful that she always thinks of me in this way, she always comments on my blogs, she holds me up when I’m struggling in my journey as a foster/adopt mom. We don’t get to hang out often, but I really look forward to the next time we get to do that. Joanne inspires me.

Here is the most recent card I received from Joanne. I’ve been enjoying it here on my desk and will be moving it to my Wall o’ Art Fame here in the studio. Thank you, Joanne!

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