in gratitude for life

never forgetYesterday I spent a lovely afternoon with my new friend Heather. We worked in my studio and talked about art and life and art and life. Heather is very, very passionate about creativity and life and art. VERY passionate. I’m hoping some of her enthusiasm for life rubs off on me.

Last night, mom and I were talking and I mentioned Heather’s positive attitude. She said, “You used to be just like that.” I said I remember that and I was trying to pinpoint when it went away. I narrowed it down to 10 years ago, when I was getting a divorce and moved home to NJ just before 9/11 happened. *sigh* I know that I will never be that pre-2001 Tracey, but maybe she and post-2001 Tracey can meet up somewhere in the middle soon.

In the meantime, I spent today in quiet reflection about 9/11, doing things around the house that, while tedious and/or distasteful (husband’s bathroom, anyone?), I am grateful that I can do them. And that I have a home in which to do them. With a husband who loves and supports me completely in whatever I choose to do.

I even baked chocolate chip cookies today. Why? Because I can.

Now, stop reading and go do something. Because you can.

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