Kelly Kilmer got me drunk on art this weekend…

…and today I have a wicked art hangover!

This past weekend, I took 5 mixed media workshops from Kelly Kilmer, who was the visiting artist at The Artists’ Nook this month. There are no words to describe how much I love Kelly’s classes and how much I get out of her workshops. Every time I take a Kelly class, I am able to play, experiment and I always get new ideas, either from her, or from expanding on something she or another student said.

This weekend’s highlights, not in any particular order:

  • Seeing Kelly and learning from her. She is so creative, free and amazingly supportive.
  • Getting to know Allyson better, and getting an awesome ego boost from her. *waves and paints Allyson’s hand*
  • Learning more about layering and color mixing and composition.
  • Realizing that some of the crazy stuff I do in my journals isn’t as crazy as I thought!
  • Seeing my old pals, like Susan and Marcy and Karen and Terry, who I haven’t seen in a long time. I really admire the talent of these ladies!
  • Meeting new people! Yes, I’m talking about you, you Ladies From Parker!
  • Three full days of making art and playing. Heaven.

Last night, I was so amped up, I made 14 of the little paper journals while we watched tv. I love them.

I think my favorite book was the Reclaimed book. I love the idea of taking old books, gutting them, and making new pages for them.


Clicking on any of the photos below should take you to my Flickr set of photos from this weekend. I should have taken more of the process, but I was too absorbed to even think of that.

Transcribed Altered Photos Revisited

Triptych Book Swatches: Little Paper Books

Reclaimed: An Altered Artist’s Book

11 thoughts on “Kelly Kilmer got me drunk on art this weekend…”

  1. You’ve got me blushing…and smiling!!!!! THANK YOU TRACEY!!!!! I had the best time…THE BEST time!!! SO much fun!!!!!!! I love the Artists Nook and everyone there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys rock!!!!!!!!

    ooh la la 14 books-really>!?!? AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @kelly, seriously, you are so awesome. I’m glad you had fun, too.

      Yeah, now I just have to fill them… LOL! That part is going a little bit more slowly. 😉

  2. What a kick I had with you this weekend! So fun to get to know you better as well. Unbelievably, I continue to pick and peel gold paint from all sorts of places!

  3. Tracey…

    I only got to be with Kelly at the Artist Nook for Sunday – felt very lucky to make it even one day, but do you have a picture on this blog anywhere of yourself? Maybe yourself and Kelly? I was clear who Marcy, Jody, Julie and Kelly were, because well they were right beside me, but I didn’t ever sort out who the other names went to…

    Your art and your blog are amazing!

    1. @Lori,

      I was the one who said “oh that’s you?!” when you mentioned art camp for women. I was the one up near the front of the room, with the dark hair and the big mouth.

      Thanks for the compliment!

  4. Duh – I found your video and “knew’ you immediately. Of course then it took a couple of days to backtrack to find your blog again. SNORT.

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