Lotus flower spread

Kelly Kilmer has been teaching a lot of classes online, which are fantastic. She’s also running her ongoing art community activities in what she calls The Art Life. So. Much. Fun. Each month there’s a class, there are 2 Art Salons, and every Friday morning, we spend an hour painting some object. All of this is for the members of The Art Life to learn, express, and grow in their creative lives. And I have been growing a lot. I wasn’t really feeling it, you know what I mean? And I realized that I needed Kelly’s workshops to really stretch me.

I never thought of myself as a painter, but I’m learning how to be one and how to incorporate my art into my daily life. This is from a recent workshop. Kelly had a sample page and then we “recreated” it using her process. This time, I remembered to take photos at almost every step/layer. I love it. It doesn’t really look like a lotus, but it’s MY lotus. All me.


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