modigliani and me

"Eva" Acrylic, collage, beeswax on wood panel

The past week has been riddled with extreme lows and some pretty good highs. I’ll leave out the lows, as they were intense on both a personal and professional level and I’m still sorting them out in my head.

But here are the HIGHS! These little boosts of confidence are the things that are going to help get me through those lows and encourage me to keep making stuff:

the area outside my studio on First Friday

The fabulous and lovely Bernadette was very excited about my handpainted serendipity ornaments when I brought them to PRAC last week. She selected 6 to purchase! Not only that, she encouraged me to price them better than I originally intended.

Mary Ann, one of the newest artists at PRAC, who is an amazing oil painter, loved my painting, “Eva”. As if that weren’t enough praise, she said it reminded her of Toulouse-Lautrec and Modigliani. Well, can you imagine a better compliment?

And if those two compliments weren’t enough, a CSU student emailed me today, saying, I am writing a paper for an art class about a piece of artwork done by a local artist. I was recently at the Poudre River Arts Center and really enjoyed your piece entitled “Eva”. She wanted some more information about the painting so she could write about it. This is blowing me away. Fran just said to me “I told you you’re talented. Maybe you’ll start to believe it one day!(She is so good to me.)

8 thoughts on “modigliani and me”

  1. Tracey, it is no surprise to anyone about your extreme, God-given talent…I’m glad you are hearing it on a continuous basis finally – you are truly amazing!! xo, Angela

  2. See? See? See? Told ya so!! But I’m only the Mom, what do I know? (Winkie-Wink)Seriously, I hadn’t seen this piece yet -it’s fabulous– and I’m so excited at how your talents are emerging, stronger and with a great deal of wonderfulness! I’m so glad you’re finding confirmation of this talent and the validation that comes with it. I completely understand how that feels. And those lows you experience do serve an important function: within us they carve out deeper and deeper spaces to contain joy when it finally descends on us. Kahlil Gibran wrote a very beautiful piece on this concept. (When I find my copy I’ll pass it on.) All my love, darlin’….

    1. @Mommie, thank you! I wasn’t sure I was ready to show it, but I had to have something new to show on First Friday, so I pulled this out. Her eyes bug me still, but I’ll just go with it. xo

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