my little primitive family

I bought a Mindy Lacefield lesson online last week and this Tuesday, I thought I was simply starting the painting, but by the time I went to bed, I realized it was finished. I have rarely ever finished a project like this in one day, except maybe in some in-person classes. I’m really happy with the results, though I continue to be tempted by the character on the left…I want to straighten her out a little. But I won’t. I’m going to stencil some letters above their heads to complete the painting and then that sucker is going up on the wall!

Cree primitive family portrait

Eh, I know that they are silly little drawings and they’re quite stylized, but that’s only because I rarely practice drawing/painting. I definitely need to keep practicing.

The thing is that I haven’t really made time for making things in so long…since before my surgery mid-August. I keep trying to work in my journal, but I haven’t been inspired. Luckily, tonight I came across some large sheets of decorative paper I got forever ago in San Francisco when we went to Flax Art. Still in the damn mailer I used to ship it home to myself. I know I used some of it because there are pieces cut out of some of the sheets. ANYWAY, I’m getting inspired by these papers for use in my journal and I’m pretty excited. Stay tuned!

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