Ok, it’s official, I surrender!

I will finally admit that I cannot do everything. (see mom? see what I did there?)

I haven’t been blogging enough lately for two reasons:

Today is the first day in a long time that I have an uninterrupted large chunk of time and it just happens to coincide with a pedicure appointment I made a month ago with an excellent salon in town. I’m thrilled to have the next 6 hours with only the dogs and the husband getting in my way and frankly, they know better by now. I will complete some billable work. I will go to the craft store. I will have pretty toes.


Walking into my studio to work after dropping the boy at Boys & Girls Club and the baby at her grandma’s house, I realized, “Oh my gosh, I surely can’t let Kelly Kilmer see my studio in this disastrous state!!” And that’s when I sat down at my desk, sighed, and said, “Ok, I can’t do it all. Or I can, but I can’t do it all well.”

First step is in admitting it.

Now for the recovery period.

<3 <3 <3

And here’s what’s currently on my worktable. I have a yen to cover a bunch of little birdhouses with lots of bright and sparkly crap, waterproof the hell out of them, and then put them up in our yard to see what happens. (Those knobs in the upper right corner will be painted and put on the dresser in the baby’s room. Eventually.)


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