on the joy of a freshly sharpened pair of kai scissors

This is going to sound silly, but you just don’t appreciate a pair of scissors as much as you do when they’ve just been sharpened. In my world, growing up, you just don’t do things like that…You just suffer with dull scissors. I didn’t even know until probably college that scissors could be sharpened!

Anyway, years ago, I bought a pair of rubber scissors made by Kai. I had read they were the best scissors for trimming rubber stamps and I found a pair on sale (because I was very poor back then) so I got them. They were great. I must have bought them 10 years ago, at least. Well, they just haven’t been cutting very well lately and I remembered that Kai offered a sharpening service, so I went and sought out their website. Which says nothing about sharpening service, by the way.

But I called and spoke with Jim and he said it was $5, which included return postage. I received them the other day and just this morning, tried them out. I trimmed my new Cat’s Pajamas margarita stamps and I couldn’t believe how smoothly and quickly those thing went through the rubber. I had to be really careful not to slip and ruin the image!

So let that be your lesson for today kids. First of all, buy a pair of Kai scissors for trimming your rubber. And send them to be sharpened, when needed, over to Jim at Shear Precision Scissor Co. You’ll be so glad you did!

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