quick card and bag topper with Cats Pajamas Stamps

It’s been crazy lately — work has been busy and I was prepping for a visit with mom and then mom arrived…I haven’t had much time for myself. But Wednesday I whipped out two quick stamped thingies.

First, Tim needed a wee giftie for a woman in the office who was celebrating her 60th birthday. They all got her ’60’ themed gifts, or 60 of something. Tim chose 60 Lifesavers. So I used the new Cats Pajamas stamps to create a bag topper (click for larger image).

Then, Thursday was my sister-in-law’s birthday and mom wanted to get her a gift card. Well, mom was too tired to make a birthday card in which to put the gift, so I whipped out a card, again, using the new Cats PJs stamps.

I am hoping that this weekend I will be able to have some down time and get some journaling done. I will be spending some time with my cousin and her 4-year-old, so I don’t expect a TON of down time, but there will be some fun window shopping and oogling in Aspen and who doesn’t like that?

One thought on “quick card and bag topper with Cats Pajamas Stamps”

  1. Tracey, the card and gift topper are adorable. And, speaking as someone who turned 60 today, I love the idea of 60 lifesavers.


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