recent mini quilts, journaling, collage and cards

I have been very very busy finishing Christmas gifts (yes, really) and, more recently, valentines. I’ve also been working on the Collage Challenge with Crowabout and assorted swaps. I have so much to show, so I put a few of each type of item here (click on photos to see larger version), but there are a lot more on my Flickr site.

Mini quilts. These are fun and I’m finally getting the hang of using my machine. I’m no expert, but I like the way these are all coming out. The base fabric is stuff I painted in workshops with Lisa Englebrecht (Maybe I’ll actually finish the projects I started in Lisa’s workshops someday!) last year. The two that say “hope” are for my youngest brothers and there’s a pocket made from a Hambly overlay that holds a prayer card from our dad’s funeral, which was last year on 2/14. The card is of St. Jude, who was my dad’s favorite saint (and is my second favorite). St. Jude is the patron saint of hopeless cases (and policemen) and I thought my brothers would like a little something to remind them to have hope for whatever their dreams may be. Recently I thought that gluing pony beads on the ends of the hanging stick would finish off the look nicely and I was right! Very happy with these.

Mini quilt for my brother Steve and his
wife. A belated Christmas 2008 gift!
Mini quilt for my brother Mike. A belated
Christmas 2008 gift!
This was Jennie’s Christmas gift and
it was less late than the ones for my family.

Collage stuff. I’ve been trying each week to find a little time to participate in the Collage Play With Crowabout challenge. Here are a few of the recent collages I’ve done using images from that challenge. If you are interested in playing along with us, email Nancy and ask for an invite. Let her know traypup sent you! I’m really enjoying art journaling lately and will be posting more pages from my journals in my next post.

Crowabout challenge week 20.
Crowabout challenge week 21.
Crowabout challenge week 22. The heads
are my mom and myself about 40 years ago.

Cards. Sometimes I have a hankering to make a ton of cards. I can’t bear to buy them in the store because I feel like making them from scratch means so much more. Plus, I have all of the stuff! So I collected all of my Valentine’s Day-related supplies and sat on the sofa watching movies with my husband and made a ton of cards. Here are a few:

Vday 2009 card for Devin
Assorted Vday cards
You make my heart whirl

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately! There is lots more that I’ll be writing about this week. I’m excited to get back into the swing of things.

12 thoughts on “recent mini quilts, journaling, collage and cards”

  1. Love the miniquilts! In fact, I love all of it! I’m getting more and more interested in paper crafts, and you are such a big inspiration.

  2. You are the most talented artist I know. Is there nothing that you can’t do? The mini-quilts are beautiful. I especially like the one for Steve.

  3. @Cassie — That is so nice of you to say. I would love to see what you do!

    @Judy — It does feel really great. Thanks!

    @Shanna — You are too much. Apparently, I can’t say “no”, but I’m working on that. 🙂 Thank you!

  4. Tracey – it’s wonderful to see all the fantastic things you’ve created lately! I really love your journal pages! And the mini quilts are great! How clever to do a bunch of cards at one sitting – they are all so nice! Missing you!

    1. Thanks, Jackie. I’ve been having fun. I miss you and the others, too, but the time I’m not reading Yahoo groups, I’m finding, is time to make art! xo

  5. Hey Tracey! Saw your post on YET ANOTHER YAHOO GROUP I just joined. hahahaha So, when I intro myself, please don’t embarrass me with the stalking joke again! You are mean. :-((( Just kidding! (about being mean)

    I really liked your office depot supply review. But even more interested in how you get $25 off $25. I would like that, too. winkwink

    Awesome pages with Nancy and pretty quilties. Cya!


    1. Hi Aimeslee! I think you’re stalking ME now! 😉 That coupon came in the mail…I think I hadn’t shopped there in a while and so they made me go in. They taunted me with their coupons!! Thanks for the nice words.

  6. Cassie;
    Those mini-quilts and journal pages are fabulous! I love the idea so much that I am going to make my own little mini-quilt. I have this thing I do every year which is “My word for each year” and I might make two that represent the past two years. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

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