Riding Horses with Mike Nesmith

I have been wanting to post photos of the pieces I did for Artists in Dreamland, but this is the first chance I’m getting to do so. For those who haven’t heard yet of this annual exhibit, it’s a show managed by Kat Peters-Midland, of Two Dog Art Studio. Kat is really into dreams and dream art and she conceived this show as a collection of works that are inspired by the artist’s dream, or is a representation of the dream. The viewer gets to view the art side-by-side with a written description of the dream (or dreams) that inspired it. I just love this show and find it a great challenge to turn my often-weird and colorful dreams into something that both pleases me and is intriguing to those who view it.

So, over the next week, I’ll be posting a photo of each of the four pieces I did for this year’s exhibit, along with the dream that inspired it. I’m especially proud of today’s piece because it’s not my usual style AND it came in 3rd place in the People’s Choice vote. That makes me super proud!

Riding Horses With Mike Nesmith
Riding Horses With Mike Nesmith

The Dream:  Riding Horses with Mike Nesmith

It was a week or so after Davy Jones, my first crush, had died. Over the years, I had come to really admire and respect all of the Monkees individually, but Nesmith had become my favorite. I’m not sure why he was in the dream at all, but there was a cool rustic setting – a bar or a honky tonk – and hanging out and sharing stories. Then Mike and I went out on our horses and were going for a bit of a walk. It must have been near the end of winter, because most of the landscape was brown and there were bits of snow on the ground here and there. The trail we were on ended in a big pile of heavy snow, so he said we were turning around and going back. I kept looking off to the distance and said, “why can’t we go there instead?”

(mixed media painting using canvas, acrylics, pencils, twine, cottonwood tree branches, eyelets)

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