Saturday, November 6, 2004 – very very busy.

yesterday was a Very Busy Art day.

– I did two more pages of random collage for angela’s peice. I’m not posting that because it’s very similar to those I did on Oct. 27. I have more to do on them, but they’re mostly finished, so they are going into my total inches for the month.
– I worked with the HP Creative Scrapbooking Assistant and clip art for a challenge that’s due this week. That will be finished later today.
– I started cutting up the other collages for Angela’s peice.
– I put a second layer of black gesso on the canvas.
– I did all of my pages for Stamping Book IX for
– I cleaned up the worktable and did some reading on my art lists.

not a whole lot to show for it, but a very productive day anyway. I’ll probably have few things to show for it by the end of today, though.

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