Snowstorm inspires new workshop: Christmas Tree Screen Ornament

our "garden" gate
our "garden" gate

Did you hear that sound? It’s the sound of snow falling…which it’s been doing since late last night. Tim works at Colorado State University and was home by 1:30 because they closed early. It’s so pretty, even though it’s the thick, wet icky snow like I used to enjoy in NJ, not the light powdery fun stuff we usually get. Either way, it’s hard to be a sole proprietor with an office in the basement on a snow day like this. Which leads me to procrastination.

Despite my very long task list, including stuff for eeep! productions and my clients, for PRAC, for my studio and Sunshine Factory, for Fort Collins Gallery Walk, for my art and for my little family, I still find time to procrastinate. And this leads me to get stressed.

When I get really stressed, I procrastinate (see the vicious circle?) by playing games on Facebook, taking a nap, watching tv or reorganizing something. It’s that old frozen fear we all get when we’re unsure the task at hand will be done correctly, will turn out as we planned, or will even get finished. It’s exhausting. Not to mention unproductive.

So I took a quick break and opened the new issue of Somerset Studio. I read Quinn McDonald‘s Business of Art column — is it serendipity that her topic this issue is STRESS? Quinn reminded me that all of those things I do to relieve the stress or to deal with it are only making it worse. It was quite the wakeup call, so I decided to start writing for my blog. Look at me — productive, not stressed and doing something I actually enjoy. Which (finally!) brings me to the point of this entry:

Today I was setting up a class schedule for my recycled envelope books class and for the composition book journaling workshop that I’ve mentioned to a number of you. I intend to publish that schedule this weekend, after many weeks (ok, months) of fear-based procrastination. While I was working on this, I realized that I had no holiday-related classes to offer!

Christmas Tree Screen Ornament -- oh, so pretty!

Now that’s it’s snowing, I am SO in the Christmas spirit. And with the economy being the way it is, I know most of my gifts this year will be homemade. What better way to show someone you love him or her than by making a wee, lovely giftie?

Enter the Christmas Tree Screen Ornament! To the right is a sample of the ornament. Yours will look different, of course, but the base will be a small framed screen (3×3 or 4×4) and we’ll paint the frame and attach any number of cool doodads and/or images to the screen itself.

Class details:

  • The class will be 3 hours
  • Cost will be $60 and will include all supplies (you bring your basic tool kit, of course!)
  • You will leave with at least 1 finished ornament and the screen and doodads to make one more (additional kits will be available for purchase seperately)

Now, what I need to know from you is if this class sounds appealing and if so, what day works best for you. There’s a poll over on the right for you to respond to. This class is only open to local folks right now. Take the poll or email me or comment here and let me know your interest level by the end of the week, so I can be sure to order enough supplies and schedule the class according to YOUR needs.

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  1. *Love* your books and your ornament Tracey!!!!! Wish I lived closer to take your book classes-you know me and BOOKS!!! LOVED LOVED LOVED your day to day journal when I saw it ;0)

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