Ribbon and fiber storage solution (?)

Recently I have been scouring Pinterest for interesting ways to store my ribbons and fibers so that they are more easily accessible while I’m working in the studio. Up until yesterday, mostly all of my collection was in a big plastic tub, jumbled together in a big mess of fiber-y goodness.

Here are some of the cool ideas I’ve pinned.

And here is what I’ve got going on right now in my studio:

ribbon and fiber storage


All of the spools are threaded onto cord, which is hung on cup hooks attached to the ceiling. Right now, the ends of the cord are tied into loops, which I hook onto the cup hooks. I do need to come up with a better solution than tying and untying those loops that will also allow me to still thread new spools onto the cord. I’m still working that one out.

Then I placed all of the loose scraps of yarn and ribbons in these two decorative birdcages where I can see everything and pull pieces out as I need them. Any pieces that were long enough are wrapped on cards and in a drawer. I also tried wrapping some around old-fashioned clothespins, and they are in a sterlite box, which is handy for taking upstairs, or to my art group. I also have a lot of scraps that are sorted by color group and stored in clear AMAC boxes, but I find them annoying to access quickly. I will probably put all of those scraps into the birdcages, too.

So that’s my big exciting project this week! My mission is to eventually stop storing my supplies on the floor. It’s good to have goals in life.

Input? Suggestions? Let’s see your ribbon and fiber storage!