This is My Bike


This is My Bike
This is My Bike

Dream: This is My Bike

I was walking alongside a friend who was riding his bike. We were headed for NYC from NJ and having a nice, leisurely walk/ride. At some point, though, the chain fell off his bike and he couldn’t ride anymore. Luckily, we were right across the street from some notable bike co-op and we hoped they would fix it for him. We went in and while they worked on his bike, I wandered the offices, which were in a really cool old victorian walkup. I visited the gift shop, where they sold brightly colored dog paintings and there was a display with the names of each volunteer and what they had accomplished in the organization, represented by assorted shapes in a divided display box. I thought it was nice that they had taken the time to honor and develop the talents of the people who worked there for no pay. Then I was given a bike to alter and I started painting it. When I left it to dry, someone else took it and undid all of the work that I had begun.

(mixed media piece using rescued bike, spray paint, spray webbing, wood, polymer clay, metal)

2 thoughts on “This is My Bike”

    1. Thanks Joanne! I’m going to “recycle” the bike piece by mounting it on our fence outside, near the area where we’re arranging the sink planters. It’s going to be so cool and colorful!

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