upcoming workshops: you asked for them and here they are!

I have finally scheduled two, count ’em, TWO workshops!

On Saturday, September 17, we’ll do Return to Sender – A Reclaimed Envelope Book

On Saturday, October 1, it’s Composition Book Journaling – This is Your Life

Each class is scheduled 10 am – 4 pm with a half hour break for lunch (bring your own!). Classes are $100 and include all supplies. I will, of course, have you bring your own scissors, favorite glue and a few other staples, but everything else you need for the classes will be supplied. Visit each class page to see the details. Each student also gets a goody bag of supplies and ephemera to take home (if you don’t use it all up in class, that is!).

To make the deal even sweeter, if you register before September 7, take $10 off the class fee. Seriously!

I need 3 people to make each class go; classes max out at 8 students. If we get too many registrants, we’ll schedule a second session. To register, email me at tracey@sunshinefactory.net.

I am SO excited to share these classes with you! Here’s the big thing to remember: You do not need to be an artist to take these classes. Each of us has lots of creativity built right into us. It’s the stuff that helps you figure out what to make for dinner tonight and how to coordinate carpools and get creative with $10 at the grocery store. You have it in you. Let me help you bring it out to make something gorgeous and tangible.

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