what if she kept a journal?

Today my father-in-law brought to my attention that the oldest person in the United States died yesterday. Gertrude Weaver was 116 years old. I loved this part of an obituary I read:

When you asked for advice on how to live a long life she would say, ‘Use a lot of skin moisturizer, treat everyone nice, love your neighbor and eat your own cooking. Don’t eat at fast food places.”

It made me think about banning fast food from my life, of course, but it really made me think about how extraordinary Gertrude’s life must have been and how much I’d love to look at her journals. What if she had kept a journal? What would it look like? I can’t even imagine. I wonder a lot about my own grandparents and what I would give to have even a year’s worth of their thoughts, dreams, musings. It’s just another reason for me to renew my commitment to recording my own life and encouraging others to do the same.



2 thoughts on “what if she kept a journal?”

  1. Yes. What if? And what if your mother kept a journal consistently? Once again, my daughter teaches me! Perhaps I should just take up where I left off and move forward. I would like my children to know some of my musings and thoughts. I just finished listening to the Fabeku interview and feel a renewed energy to tackle some of those projects I haven’t had the courage to try. They might have some merit after all. It certainly is difficult, tho, to be rid of all the false notions which have plagued me for so many years. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Move over, Grandma Moses!

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