whee! new sharpies!

There is Nothing Left For Me Here
There is Nothing Left For Me Here

As you know, I am a Sharpie fiend. FIEND, I tell you! I’ve been searching for over a month for the new Sharpie Stained fabric pens and finally found some today at Office Max. What made today a banner day, though, was finding out that they were having a buy 2, get 1 free sale. I picked out a set of Sharpie 80s Glam Ultra Fine pens, since I don’t have those colors yet. Then I was torn for the last set of pens…should I replace my dying black big thick gargantuan markers, or try something new? “New” won out and I picked up 2-pack of fine black retractable Sharpie pens. JOY! Tonight will be a feast for my journal, during sofa time, with me and my new pens.

It’s the little things, folks.

In other news, tomorrow night, 9/2, is Fort Collins Gallery Walk. If you are in the area, please stop by Poudre Studio Artists and Galleries! You can find me in studio 211, working on some project or another or flitting about, visiting with our guests. We have an exhibit in our gallery this month called Recycle It!, featuring artwork made with 75% recycled materials. I have three collages in the show, one of which is shown here (click for a larger view).

If you like garage sales, our studio artists are having an indoor “sidewalk” sale during gallery walk, too. I’ve got 50% off all arty supplies and even some discounts going deeper than that! I’ve also previewed some of the other artists’ sales and boy, you don’t want to miss it! I’m just sayin’! Boyer’s Coffee has been kind enough to sponsor the evening by coming out and serving free coffee to our visitors, so I think you’ll find at least one of your vices covered when you stop by.

So, it’s September, everybody. What neat projects do you have planned for when the weather eventually cools down? Need some inspiration? Check out my new friend Heather’s blog. She’s such a clever gal. I think you’ll like what she has to share with you!

Don’t forget about my upcoming Composition Book Journaling and Reclaimed Envelope Book classes, on October 1 and September 17, respectively. Email me to sign up — it’s guaranteed to be a great time for all! If you register by September 7, you can take $10 off the class fee.

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