wow! time sure flies when you’re having fun!

…although I wouldn’t call work and worrying about my dad’s health fun, necessarily.

This is a quick note, since I’m a bit late for my self-imposed Thursday blog update. I ordered more color mists from Outside The Margins and I believe Tim is picking them up from my PO box today, so I’m looking forward to getting out some of my aggression tomorrow with those. Also, Kelly Kilmer, evil enabler that she is, posted about on her blog a few days ago, thus causing me to place a large (for me) order of pens I don’t really need, but that I need. If you know what I mean.

This past weekend, I managed to do some backgrounds. They’re big, and made mostly of scraps lying around the studio, and I intend to cut them up to make Valentine’s Day cards. We’ll see how that goes. My dad has been in the ICU in upstate New York for almost two weeks now and things aren’t looking good, so it’s distracting me from everything else I need to do in my daily life. I hope to catch up on work tomorrow so I can spend at least an hour doing some art.

And that’s all I got for today. Maybe Thursday’s update will be inspiring!

2 thoughts on “wow! time sure flies when you’re having fun!”

  1. Jetpens was where I found the 0.38mm G-2 pen. My reaction was “We need a pen measured to tenths of a millimeter? We CAN measure a pen to tenths of a millimeter?”


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