wreck this journal – weeks 3, 4, 5….oh, whatever!

I just got caught up with Jamie’s videos and I am woefully behind on seeing what everybody else is doing. I apologize to all of you who have been so kind & supportive by visiting my blog and commenting. I fully intend to do the same every week and then life got in the way. Big time.

I have a good excuse, though!

The last two weeks I have spent getting ready for opening my very own art studio. I am working with this cool group called Poudre Studio Artists here in Fort Collins. We “live” in the Poudre River Arts Center, just north of downtown. I’ve also taken on the role of marketing manager for the center as well, so you can imagine how hilariously crazy things have been here.

So, I don’t know what week it is, really. I don’t remember what I did when, but I need to realize that’s not important anymore (which is REALLY hard for me, because I love tracking and archiving things). I did make a week list of the stuff I’ve done since the last time I posted:

  • poked holes
  • drew thin and fat lines
  • scratched with a sharp object
  • tore strips
  • starting adding office supplies
  • drew a nonstop line
  • wrote four-letter words
  • listed more ways to wreck

ALSO, I put the book out during my first First Friday, marked at the page that says “hang the journal in a public place and invite people to draw here.” Not many people wanted to do that, despite my big basket of crayons. I was surprised, actually! My MIL drew a horse though. My SIL drew a penguin and a blackeyed susan (that’s the “logo” my husband and I have – long story for another day). My husband drew a tiny alien and his space ship. That’s good enough for me!

I was carrying it around a lot and then that sort of dropped off, but I intend to pick back up again. It’s comforting to me.

Things I am learning from this process and how it’s spilling over into real life:

  • I am following the rules less and less. I used to be the “good girl” — who has to please everybody and do the right thing. I’m NOT that girl anymore.
  • I didn’t clean my house before my in-laws came over. Twice.
  • I am playing more. Today I was in the studio and I was prepping some pages for a journal and all of a sudden decided to do my process in reverse order, just to see what would happen.

So that’s it for now. If anyone reading this doesn’t have a “give away your favorite page” partner, please consider swapping with me. Leave a note in the comments.

And here are some photos of what I’ve done recently. enjoy!

6 thoughts on “wreck this journal – weeks 3, 4, 5….oh, whatever!”

  1. Congrats on opening our own studio! That sounds very exciting!

    Your comment about “not the good girl anymore” made me chuckle, because it’s kind of what I was saying in my post today too.

    I love your colour outside the lines page!

  2. Congratulations on your studio!

    That was exactly what I first wanted to do, was sneak into a gallery and leave the journal next to the comments book for a day. But I live in DC and they’re a bit touchy about security.

    I’m very curious (nosy I guess) what is wrapped in the page…

    1. @Kavindra, I wrapped up a couple of packets of pocket tissues for my mom. 🙂 You know the cute decorative ones? I found them on sale and have been meaning to send them to her for months. When I sent her birthday present (Daring Book For Girls), I added the tissues. 🙂

  3. Hmm, everywhere I go this week people are opening their own studios. Maybe I should stop just thinking about it and do it!
    I love that you didn’t clean up for the in-laws – twice! Go girl! If I don’t tidy before my mother arrives she looks like she’ll have the modern day eqivalent of the ‘vapours’. Perhaps I should have some smelling salts on hand in case she arrives unannounced while I am in the midst of a seriously creative phase!

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