Zombie Felties

Day of the Dead ZombiesI am so excited I can finally post some photos of things I recently¬†made for gifts. The recipients have actually received them, so I’m safe from ruining anyone’s surprises!

This first photo is of two little Day of the Dead Zombies, which a friend and my sister-in-law received as Christmas gifts.

Classic Zombie Mummy

All credit for this project goes to the authors of Zombie Felties: How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures ¬†From the Undead. This was an impulsive purchase I made one day when I was browsing JoAnn Fabrics because I thought Chris and Zoe would both really love these little guys. Before this purchase, I’ve had no interest whatsoever in creating little felties and now, thanks to this book and thanks to encouragement from Anderale, I am really enjoying the process, despite the tedious nature of the pattern-cutting process, which I HATE. I mean it. I do not like measuring!!

Here is another zombie from the book. This is your Classic Zombie Mummy, which made its way to New Jersey to hang out with my sister for her birthday. The last three photos here represent his travels with her on his first day in the Big Apple. (captions by Katie)

What's in my coffee?!?
What’s in my coffee?!?
I hope he closes the sale!
I hope he closes the sale!
Step off!
Step off!


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